About Us

We work with the best providers to deliver the best solutions

At DC Connect, our aim is to deliver the building blocks of industry leading reliability, efficiency, security and flexibility.

We assist internet/cloud service providers and telecom companies by providing highly secure wholesale data centre facilities.

Our Mission

Within the coming years, we want to expand and empower our network footprint to provide a further fibre network reach.

We aim to:


Provide interconnection links between endpoints across metros, countries, and continents.

To provide top level connectivity and networking solutions anywhere in Australia.

To support an extensive network of local suppliers all over Australia, organizing all telecom services and making them fully accessible to customers.

Australian made and owned dark fibre network

Dark Fibre


DC to DC

Direct Connection


Fibre Cloud Connect

Fully redundant connection to protect your connection and flow of data from any network failures

Our dark fibre network provides you with a direct connection to your local data centre.

Connect to leading cloud providers like Google’s Cloud platform through Google Cloud Interconnect (GCI), Amazon Web Services (AWS) through AWS Direct Connect, Microsoft’s Azure ExpressRoute, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect.

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