DC to DC Interconnect

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We provide DC to DC connectivity from following speeds:

Dark Fibre

Data centers have increased in recent years—there are now more than 8000 around the globe and 3000 of which are packed into the top 20 global cities. And in this cloud-based, web-scale world, access to that data is an important challenge.

These data centers need to communicate with other via sharing data/content, back-ups and redundancy. DCI technology allows smooth transit of critical assets over short, medium and long distances between data centers. The best transport for DCI is optical connectivity built on technological cabling such as coherent optics.

At DCConnect our DC to DC interconnections (DCI’s) are high-performance, carrier-grade network links that allow connections via multiple data centres in the same metropolitan area.

DCI’s provide P2P connectivity between data centres in the same metropolitan area. Provided over your choice of Ethernet (DCIe) or Dark Fibre (DCIf) providing resiliency, security and cost-effective connectivity.

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Dark Fibre



Fibre Cloud Connect

Fully redundant connection to protect your connection and flow of data from any network failures

Our dark fibre network provides you with a direct connection to your local data centre.

Connect to leading cloud providers like Google’s Cloud platform through Google Cloud Interconnect (GCI), Amazon Web Services (AWS) through AWS Direct Connect, Microsoft’s Azure ExpressRoute, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect.

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