Cloud Connectivity

We provide a range of connectivity options to the most pertinent cloud infrastructures

Why cloud connectivity?

Cloud can play an important part of your business IT strategy. Typically, more businesses are moving towards a hybrid cloud environment.

In a world where the uptake of cloud based infrastructure services has skyrocketed, connectivity seems to have been left behind.

At DC Connect we realise that connectivity needs to be as flexible as the resources it connects to in the Cloud.

“Virtual Cross Connects” (VXC) created can be leveraged for a variety of uses, including:

Partner Connectivity

One of the options for connecting to and utilizing DC Connect services is to implement a VXC to one or more of our POP locations. This allows us to provide all our Data and Voice products to the partner directly over the VXC with customer and service segmentation.

Service Delivery

All our Data and Voice products can be provided over a VXC, including but not limited to Ethernet, IP WAN, IP Transit and SIP Voice. This is a great option as a single physical port in a data centre location can typically provide all the needed connectivity for an Enterprise or Partner.

Data Centre Interconnect

For customers needing a scalable, short term connectivity option between two Data Centre locations, the point-to-point VXC is a popular option. Providing simple P2P Layer 2 connectivity with speeds ranging from 1Gbps to 100Gbps.

Dark Fibre


DC to DC

Direct Connection

Fully redundant connection to protect your connection and flow of data from any network failures

Our dark fibre network provides you with a direct connection to your local data centre.

Connect to leading cloud providers like Google’s Cloud platform through Google Cloud Interconnect (GCI), Amazon Web Services (AWS) through AWS Direct Connect, Microsoft’s Azure ExpressRoute, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect.

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